Year 6 Ouroboros Pushed Out


Niantic has pushed out the Ouroboros year 6 medal to all agents this morning. Recursed agents will qualify for the Onyx tier badge no matter what level they are currently at.

Medal Level Tier
Bronze 3 Bronze
Silver 9 Silver
Gold 13 Gold
Platinum 15 Platinum
Onyx 16 Onyx

Singapore IngressFS Registration

ingress fs

Welcome the new year with a fresh start and forge stronger cross faction relations at Singapore’s very own Ingress First Saturday on 5 January 2019. Unlock your IFS Badge and enjoy double AP rewarded by Niantic after the event.

Check-in begins at 2 PM at FOMO, 38 Sultan Gate with the cross-faction stats competition running from 3 PM until 5 PM. At 5 PM we will begin to check out and announce the winners for the statistics competition.

There will also be a special restocking portal after the event.

Register Now »

For official announcements, join SG IFS TG Channel

Activities on 5 January 2019

2-3 PM Check In / Hack Reg Portal
3-5 PM IFS
5-6 PM Check Out / Prize Presentation
6 PM Restock portal is activated
Location: FOMO, 38 Sultan Gate, Singapore
Reg Portal: Seow Choon Hua - Intel Link

Recursion Prime Leaderboards

Niantic posted leaderboards for Recursion Prime, showing the agents with the most unique hacks in each city.

It’s cool that Niantic can provide such additional stats for gameplay because they can. Let’s hope Niantic makes this a norm for future anomalies!

Upcoming Ingress Prime 2.13 Update

Niantic posted the upcoming release notes for the Ingress Prime scanner, version 2.13.

Besides the usual bug fixes, the update will include the following changes that will affect gameplay

Items: Reduced Transmuter hackability.
Items: Increased maximum damage for low level XMPs.
Items: Quantum Capsules will no longer duplicate Very Rare items.
Items: Increased the probability that an Aegis Shield will be destroyed when struck by a critical hit.

The Ingress community thus far isn’t responding very well to the upcoming changes, as seen from Reddit because they are convinced that Niantic is going to backtrack somehow and profit from selling VR items in the store. Putting the controversy aside, let’s analyse briefly how this will impact gameplay.

Reduced Transmuter hackability This means ITO+ and ITO- transmuters are going to be even more difficult to hack.

Increased maximum damage for low level XMPs Currently XMP Bursters from level 1-4 aren’t particular useful for attacking, so this change is welcomed.

Quantum Capsules will no longer duplicate Very Rare items The list of VR items affected are: VRS Aegis VRMH VRHS ITO+ ITO- VRLA SBUL LPC Jarvis ADA

Most veteran players have several Quantum capsules growing VR stuff. Already the interest payout for growing VR items had been nerfed in Feb 2016. This upcoming change is going to make the capsules less useful as it will be easier to obtain a VR item via hacking than growing them. VRLA are not obtainable via normal hacking and players have managed to get around this by growing them. This will effectively put a stop to all that.

Increased the probability that an Aegis Shield will be destroyed when struck by a critical hit Aegis shields have a stickiness of 800,000 and this makes it very difficult for the shields to be destroyed without using Ultra Strikes. So with this change, they are going to be easier to take down.

To conclude, these changes are geared towards balancing gameplay and thus making it easier for newcomers to play in Ingress.

Another Double AP Event in December

Get ready for another round of 2x AP weekend!

Here’s the official announcement over at Instagram

Start Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2018 0200hrs SGT

End Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2018 0200hrs SGT

Only certain actions qualify for the double AP; using the criteria somewhat similar to the previous Cassandra Neutralizrer Neutralizer event.

Deploy 1st to 7th Resonators - 2x AP
Deploy 8th Resonators - 3x AP
Destroy Resonators/Links/Fields - 2x AP

So mark your calendars and start hogging resonators and bursters now!