Singapore January IFS Winners

ingress fs

Congratulations to the following agents for winning the January IFS Agent stats Challenge!

Top AP Gain resistance
795,294 AP
Top AP Gain Enlightened
373,516 AP
Top Trekker Gain
Top Builder Gain
1,962 Resonators
Top Connector Gain
163 Links

Thank You everyone else for participating and supporting the event! We hope you enjoyed yourselves. 😊

Group Picture


Passcodes Counting Down to 2019

As usual, to celebrate the coming of Year 2019, Niantic has released a wave of countdown passcodes to all agents! Redeem it now today!

Watch out this space as we will update this list daily until 2019!

Jan 2, 2019
50 × L8 Resonator
50 × L8 Xmp Burster
50 × L8 Ultra Strike
50 × L8 Power Cube
5 × Portal Shield
1 × Multi-hack
1 × Heat Sink
3 × Lawson Power Cube
Jan 1, 2019
25 × L8 Resonator
50 × L8 Xmp Burster
1 × ADA Refactor
5 × Portal Shield
4 × Multi-hack
4 × Heat Sink
2 × Lawson Power Cube
Dec 31, 2018
25 × L8 Resonator
50 × L8 Xmp Burster
1 × JARVIS Virus
1 × ITO EN Transmuter (-)
1 × ITO EN Transmuter (+)
5 × Portal Shield
4 × Multi-hack
Dec 30, 2018
25 × L8 Resonator
25 × L8 Xmp Burster
25 × L8 Ultra Strike
25 × L8 Power Cube
5 × Portal Shield
4 × Heat Sink
4 × Multi-hack
Dec 29, 2018
25 × L8 Resonator
25 × L8 Xmp Burster
15 × L8 Ultra Strike
15 × L8 Power Cube
2 × Multi-hack
Dec 28, 2018
25 × L8 Resonator
25 × L8 Xmp Burster
10 × L8 Ultra Strike
2 × Heat Sink
Dec 27, 2018
25 × L8 Resonator
25 × L8 Xmp Burster
8 × L8 Ultra Strike
15 × L8 Power Cube
Dec 26, 2018
15 × L8 Resonator
25 × L8 Xmp Burster
10 × L8 Power Cube
5 × Portal Shield
Dec 25, 2018
10 × L8 Resonator
10 × L8 Xmp Burster
10 × L8 Power Cube
Dec 24, 2018
10 × L8 Resonator
10 × L8 Xmp Burster

Singapore 2019 NL-1331X and Mission Day


Singapore is having our first NL-1331X + MD on Sat 19 Jan 2019! NL is a cross-faction event and is free for anyone to attend. For those who have not attended NL before, you will get to unlock your NL1331 tiered badge. To find out more, follow the FAQ link below at the bottom of this post.

NL-1331 Meetups
1 5 10 25 50

There are optional limited purchase packs available featuring the 5-year NL anniversary in-game medal code and a Singapore-themed pin. For the benefit of local players, the purchase site will be password-protected for 6 days only, and thereafter open for all. Please avoid sharing the password with players outside of Singapore/Malaysia as there are limited packs available for sale! (Ask in your region TG chat group for the password)

NL-1331X Swag

Niantic might provide a surprise dead drop for items or character codes. Please follow Niantic social media for more info.

On behalf of the organising team Enlightened Singapore would like to invite all agents to join in this fun-filled cross faction event!

Date Location

NL-1331X FAQ » NL1331X Registration »

Activities on 19 January 2019

1:45 PM Group Photo
2-5 PM Mission Day Registration
Directions from Bayfront MRT Directions from GBTB Dropoff
5 PM Bonus Event NL1331X Singapore

As for details of 2019 Mission Day, please refer to this post SG 2019 MD »

Please note that a seperate registration is needed for Mission Day


Ingress Prime Scanner Update

Ingress Prime Update

Niantic just pushed out another update for the Ingress Prime scanner:

Ingress Prime v2.14
Improved the speed of checking for linkable Portals.
Fixed an issue with canceling Ingress Primer tutorial.
Fixed multiple issues related to recharging a Resonator when one is destroyed
Fixed an issue with Key count being inaccurate
Fixed an issue with the Android back button in Inventory carousel.
Fixed an issue where managing a Key Locker would show a blank screen.
Fixed an issue where picking up an item caused the Scanner to not respond.
Fixed an issue that could prevent new accounts from being created.
Fixed an issue where during Ingress tutorial, deployed Resonators wouldn’t show an Agent’s name
Fixed an issue with recycling multiple capsules.
Fixed issues with French translations.
Fixed an issue where dropped items were visually obstructed by the ground.
Fixed an issue where a linkable Portal would be shown but couldn’t be linked.
Fixed an issue where a Portal Key would reappear in inventory after being used.
Text that is too long for the Link screen is now abbreviated with an ellipse (...).
Fixed an issue where the Scanner view would be incorrect when trying to Link a faraway Portal.
When clicking on a Portal the visual transition is more smooth and stable.
Added Portal Level next to name and address.
Changed the way Portal Ornaments are displayed per feedback from Agents who participated in the Recursion Prime Anomaly.
Linking is now possible while Link creation is in process and Android “back” button will skip the Scanner display of Link creation.
Changed Store layout to show three CMU bundles per row to save screen space.
Things they are working on
  • Portal Nominations
  • Regional Scoring
  • Continued Bug Fixes
Known issues:

To see a list of known issues go here:


6 New Unlockable Medals

Niantic quietly made a change on their server side to enable 6 more unlockable medals for everyone.

As previously announced, “First Saturday” is a new medal awarded to agents who attend Ingress First Saturday events. The other 5 medals were previously not display your agent profile if did not have them. However. it is now displayed as a unlockable badge.

“Prime Challenge” seems to be currently missing the Onyx tier. Perhaps it will added at a later time.

First Saturday
1 6 12 24 36
Operation Clear Field
1 3 6 10 20
Intel Ops
1 3 6 10 20
OPR Live
1 3 6 10 20
Prime Challenge
1 2 3 4
Stealth Ops
1 3 6 10 20