Unique Hack Challenge 2019

Unique Hack Challenge 2019


Between 9 Feb 2019 2:00am and 16 Feb 2019 2:00am, whichever faction with the highest number of Unique Hacks will have the opportunity to influence gameplay through the entirety of the Darsana Prime anomaly.

Niantic further clarified what consititues as a “Unique Hack”.

The number being measured will be the number of different portals hacked per faction: each portal will count towards the faction's total if it is hacked by anyone from that faction, at least once during the event. It does not affect the outcome if an Agent already hacked the portal before the event (whether or not it is a new unique portal for them individually). Any action other than hacking (e.g. capture, deploying, etc.) will not affect the outcome of the challenge.

In other words, each portal can earn our faction 1 point if hacked by an ENL agent. Further ENL agents hacking the same portal will not earn additional points. It is estimated that there are 8,042,190 portals worldwide.

The Darsana Prime XM Anomaly POCs of the Faction that wins this challenge will be able to choose one of the following:

  • Energy: The Power Cube Drop rate will increase by 100%
  • Stasis: Double mitigation from links and XMP damage will only be at 75% of normal.
  • Instability: Half mitigation from links and XMP damage will be 125% of normal.
  • Loyalty: Opposite Faction portal hack output will decrease 50% and same Faction portal output will increase 20%.

  • The Shapers might step in if the POCs can’t come to a consensus.

    This section will be updated once Niantic posts new scores.
    Current Standings are as follows:


    Final Results: The Resistance wins the Unique Hack Challenge by 2,385,756 to 2,223,849

    Niantic has also confirmed the POCs decision of choosing Loyalty. Effective from 20 Feb 2019 2:00am to 26 Mar 2019 2:00am, both factions will experience 20% increased portal output if the portal they hack belongs to the same faction, and 50% decreased output if the portal belongs to the opposite faction.